Replacement styling for Gravity Forms WordPress plugin written in Sass

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Gravity Forms Sass

I love the Gravity Forms plugin for WordPress, but never cared for the excessive stylesheets and complicated selectors it introduced. This project aims to offer styling for GForms using Sass and minimal selectors.


All of the default and advanced fields, as well as the Gravity Forms Ready Classes. Included in this repository are several form exports that contain a vast array of fileds and options I created for testing.

  • All form fields
  • Required fields
  • Multi part form
  • Ready classes

Though a few aspects are still in early stages of dev ;)


  • Download latest release
  • Clone the repo:
  • Install with Bower: bower install gravity-forms-sass


Be sure to visit Forms -> Settings in your WordPress Dashboard and set Output CSS to No, optionally while you are there set Output HTML5 to Yes. Save and go play.

This was setup running WordPress Version 4.0-beta2-20140801 and Gravity Forms Version 1.8.9.


Want to help out? Awesome!

Please don't make pull requests against the master branch. This is the latest, stable code. You can make a pull request against the dev (future release) branch.


Some parts of the styling still need to be addressed,

  1. Drop down and multi-select "enhanced UI"
  2. Progress bar on multi select
  3. Post Custom Fields - only tested "single line text" option
  4. Check shipping various methods, only 1 allowed per form
  5. More form settings, such as inline label placements
  6. Organize structure, break up sections, import files from one
  7. ...

Mostly this is a running list of what I intend to address


For a visual overview or the basic styling thus far there are some screenshots.


Links 'n stuff


See changelog.